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Lawn Care Tips

At Super Lawns, we give you a lush green natural lawn
…and show you how to keep it that way.

When you have Super Lawns service, we do all the heavy-lifting to make your lawn fuller and healthier — but there are simple things you can do to help keep your lawn looking its best.

Lawn care tips:

Mow at 3 Inches


Always mow your lawn at 3 inches and frequently enough so as to never remove more than 1/3 of the blade at one time. Cutting less than 3 inches promotes weeds and causes rapid drying.

Hot Spells


During hot dry spells, don’t mow your lawn if it really doesn’t need it.

Trimming Edges


When trimming the edges along sidewalks and driveways, try to avoid scalping. Cutting less than 3 inches promotes weeds and causes these areas to dry out faster than normal.

Heavy soil?


In heavy clay soils, water deeply (2-3) hours each section once or twice a week. Daily short watering promotes weeds and disease.

Water in the Morning


Water only in the morning to mid- afternoon during hot, humid weather. Water the areas closest to soft tissue ornamentals (such as Japanese Red Maples) first thing so as to avoid sun-scorch.

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